Countryside Tourism – Explore the unique paintings of Sinh Village


Countryside Tourism – Explore the unique paintings of Sinh Village
In the morning, from the city center of Hue city, we derive a motorcycle to Sinh village, situated on the left bank of the river Thanh Ha, a small station located at the confluence of the famous Princess in Cochin, also Lo, called Street of Phu Mau commune, Phu Vang district, Thua Thien – Hue. Sinh Sinh’s name or nom University Press village, 7km from Huechung northeast. It’s also a cultural center of the ancient capital. Motorcyclist, we can feel the beauty and tranquility to breathe fresh air, fresh with nothing interesting.

Ancestor worship has long formed the core of the Vietnamese way, especially with people of Hue. Along with painting festival, launched early triptych. Sinh Village paintings are one of a triptych. It has become the need of cultural life, the city’s traditional art and culture of the traditional city of Hue. When you reach the village, we began to feel curious and enthusiastic welcome, the friendliness of the people here have made ​​people excited.

Sinh Village Paintings

Thanh Tien Paper Flowers Village

We are looking for an artist to the Huu Phuoc, he had been employed for 60 years. Sitting on a bamboo mat used as a family sitting next to the table tasty tea. He happily tells of the life of the village up after a long time difficult, sometimes seemingly oblivion. Then he hardly managed to preserve the original campus printout from the time his father leaves, thereby preserving jobs ancestor to the present day. In recent years Sinh Village paintings to be honored as a cultural heritage of the nation should be kept and preserved. Many research projects, many artisans also asserts artistic value and cultural value of Bloated village life paintings, particularly the value of spiritual life.

Bloated to the village, we are exploring ways of printing, painting, materials and colors to create topics and content online. The artisans here introduced very enthusiastic and meticulous.

Let’s learn how to print and paint

Thanh Tien Paper Flowers Village

Pics Bloated many sizes depending on the paper size there. Poster print the inscription placed supine on the ground, use a basting is a piece of dried coconut shells pounded a first, scanned in black on the board. Then coated onto paper, use a loofah pads are rubbed and peeled color feeding paper. With little competition, then set the paper size of each file below and then took up stamping boards. Black print to wait for dry then bring coloring. Engravings of paintings made ​​from jackfruit wood. Hands of a skilled artisan and beautiful.

Material and color

Paper prints are scanned paper carpentry message, formerly colors are created from natural products such as plants, metal or from scallops … Color mainly on paintings Bloated village are blue, yellow, single, red, black continent. Each color can be mixed with an agent or private automobile, while separate bowl mix add glue to cook with fresh buffalo leather. Later colors are created from chemicals.

Themes and content competition

Sinh Traditional Village

Bloated Painting paintings served primarily religious, about 50 controversial issues. The main theme reflects ancient. There is also controversy Female Factor, painting scenes of social life … Painting serving beliefs can be divided into three categories: Painting characters, mostly her statues, painting the picture, of two types: Pictures Siamese draw men and women; picture painted alum girls and boys. The rest is kind of comic character he dances, he was Director and kitchen sheet. Painting painted the first coat things, money and tools to burn the afterlife: his shirt, her clothes, army clothes, money, bows, household items … Painting 12 animal to burn for the dead.

Paintings of all kinds

Thanh Tien Paper Flowers Village

Sinh Village paintings visit, one can also draw and paint for yourself a particular painting, the painting on the five-year-old, thrilledand excited, escape from the everyday hustle helps the soul to become Aerials, more relaxed.

Over the period of hard times, but now the Sinh Village paintings still exist and develop, as attractive tourist destinations (highlights of Hue Tour) For those who want to explore the spiritual culture, looking for the source …

We have also been fortunate to have the opportunity to visit the village of Sinh paintings once, and is not it amazing glimpse skilled hands of artisans, and from the way they make those products, I know they love profession as the main love their lives so. Although somewhat austere, but people love my job, I feel full of life and they are proud of the work, work with a passionand enthusiasm, so when looking at the Sinh village paintings, but it looks rustic, simple, but beautiful exudes the soul of its people. There are people all his life associated with the profession and protect the profession, it’s admired so much.

End of tour, we hit the road back to that feeling of attachment between people and people go, did not seem to want to leave. The intimacy of the people here do we remember and want to come back. About the sunset, cool breeze from the tree farm, we took a deep breath as if to embrace the taking. End of tour amused, and feel loved people, loved painting craft village Bloated more.



Countryside Tourism – Explore the unique paintings of Sinh Village
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