Cruise along Perfume river with Hue city tour

Coming to Hue, the first impression in my mind is Huong river (Perfume River). It’s a romantic and poetic river which crosses the capital city of Hue, in the central Vietnamese province of Thua Thien Hue. Huong or Perfume River is around 80 kilometers long, and owes its name to the fact that it flows through many forests of aromatic plants before reaching Hue, bringing with it a pure and fresh aroma. Together with Ngu Binh Mountain, Huong river is the symbol of Hue forever. Someone considered that Huong River is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world.

Truong Tien Bridge
Truong Tien Bridge

Without a boat excursion on the charming Perfume River, a visit to Hue would not be complete, or in another word you cannot feel the romance of Hue.

Because of the beauty of Huong river, it is listed in the program of many Hue tours such as Hue city tour, Hue city tour 1 day or full day- main tourist products in Hue city. With Hue city tour, not only you have chance to cruise on the gentle river but you can also visit some famous attractions in Hue city such as The citadel of Hue, Thien Mu pagoda, Dong Ba market, Khai Dinh tomb, Minh Mang tomb,…These destinations are easily accessible by boat because most of them are located along the river banks.

Bao Vinh Ancient Town

Starting from Toa Kham boat station, the dragon boat cruises along the perfume river toward Dong Ba market or Thien Mu pagoda. On the way cruising by boat, you can see a lot of trees, local boats, parks and beautiful resorts on the river banks. Sometimes you can also see buffalos graving grasses or some fishermen trawling. Without waves, the river creates really a peaceful feeling for anyone taking the trip.

Cruising on the Perfume river, I felt myselft escaped from the busy life. I seemed to be returned to the childhood period thanks to the romantic, peaceful atmorephere of the river. Huong River is also the river associated with songs, music. The river inspires to artists make some poems, pictures or famous songs. Some famous songs you can name such as Khúc tình ca xứ Huế, Ai ra xứ Huế, Mưa trên phố Huế,…I remember some sentences of the beautiful song “Ai ra xứ Huế” ( who comes to Hue) roughly translated as follows:

“Who turns to Hue
Who comes back to Ngu Mount
Who comes back to Huong River
The river water never sink
Ngu Mount birds fly back to friends
Whoever are children of Hue remember to return…”

Hue is so beautiful. On the boat, I sang that song all the time and felt proud of my hometown very much. Let’s hear them and you will feel as I felt.

Huong River
Huong River

At night, after finishing Hue city tour 1 day, You could have dinner and take a short rest. Then you can walk around Nguyen Dinh Chieu street to see the Huong river with many sparkling lights on both sides and the colorful Truong Tien bridge. I have been experience the beauty of the lights floating in the river at night like the flowers are shining. It’s exciting. Or you can also choose to get on a dragon boat with cheap price and listen to Hue folk songs performed by Hue artists. Listening to Hue folk songs on the boat in the middle of the river is an interesting experience. Besides dragon boat, tourists who want to have a new experience can also rent a swan boat for 2 people with lower price. This activity is really interesting for young tourists.

Don’t forget to book Hue city tour and spend time cruising on the perfume river when you come to Hue. Believe me, you will have a sweet memmory for your time in Hue city.

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Cruise along Perfume river with Hue city tour
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