Hue Culinary Tour

Hue Culinary Tour – Traditional cuisine is an indispensable experience when visiting Hue. With its original and distinctive taste, Hue food reflects the values of culture, history, traditional custom, and art and had become an attractive trade mark of Vietnamese culinary art.

Hue Culinary Tour by Cyclo

06:00 PM Cyclo pick up you at hotels.

06:15 PM Your journey with take you to restaurant "HANG ME" located on Vo Thi Sau sreet to enjoy there specical cakes of thee (Banh beo, nam, loc, ram it, banh cuon...)

06:45 PM Cyclo take you to “Hen island” to enjoy clam dishes such as clam rice, clam noodles.

Beo Cake - Hue Culianry Tour
Hue Culianry Tour - Beo Cake

07:30 PM Wondering on Le Loi Street at line of poetric jouney, we take you to sweetsoup shop with a name to the ondinary people to enjoy sweet soup.

08:00 PM After enjoy Hue sweet soup, you will continue Your journey to Dinh Tien Hoang street to enjoy farourite cakes “BANH KHOAI",“NEM LUI” (Hue specialities spring rolls). On the way you will visit Imperial Citadel and Truong Tien bridge on the night of sparkling night.

NEM LUI - Hue specialities spring rolls

At the end, cyclo take you around streets admire the romantic at night.You can also purchase special products souvenir such as: sesame candies, conical hats, sour shrimps, long dress(Ao Dai), Minh Mang wines.

09:00 PM Ending tour cyclo take you back to the hotel. Finished Hue Culinary Tour


- Cyclo
- English speaking guide
- foods.


- Foods not mentioned in tour program &other individual expense.


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Hue Culinary Tour
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