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Cơm Hến – Hue Clam rice Traditional Delicacy

Cơm Hến – Hue Clam rice Traditional Delicacy. “Com hen” is indeed a traditional delicacy in Vietnamese cuisine.

“Com hen” is a traditional delicacy from Vietnam. It consists of rice (com) served with baby clams (hen) that are typically caught from the nearby Perfume River in Hue, a central Vietnamese city.

The dish is known for its unique blend of flavors and textures, combining the sweetness of the clams with the aromatic herbs, crispy rice crackers, and spicy fish sauce. It’s a popular street food in Hue and a must-try for anyone exploring Vietnamese cuisine.

Where does Com Hen rice come from?

Com hen or bun hen refers to one of the most delicious signature dishes in Hue. It’s made with either rice (com) or rice noodles (bun) topped with stir-fried baby basket clams and vegetables. Depending on the cook, it can be made with other ingredients as well like fermented shrimp paste, fish sauce, fresh herbs, chopped fruit, pork crackling, banana flower salad, and roasted peanuts.

Com Hen
Com Hen

Com hen is the original version of the dish, which was typically made with leftover rice. Personally, I prefer bun hen. You can also try versions made with mie noodles (mie hen) or served in a rice porridge (chao hen).

How to make Hen rice

Clam Rice is a combination of rice, clams and local spices. This simple dish is one of the best Hue foods that can offer foodies the most distinctive flavor of the city. Usually, this dish will be served with various toppings such as clam water, fish sauce, local herbs and veggies, etc. 

Where to eat Com Hen in Hue? 

  • Dap Da restaurant – 01 Han Mac Tu street.
  • Hoa Dong – 64/7 Ung Binh Street 
  • Lanh – 38 Ngo Gia Tu street. 
  • Ba Cam – 49 Tung Thien Vuong street. 

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