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Vong Canh Hill

Vong Canh Hill with a panoramic view of Hue’s major attractions, Vong Canh Hill is the best place to take your Hue’s photos.

Vong Canh Hill is famous for its perfect beauty combining the natural rivers and mountains. Possessing a peaceful, romantic, and fresh space, this sightseeing site is a great destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

If you have the opportunity to visit Hue, you should put Vong Canh Hill on the list of must explore places.

Vong Canh Hill Location

Just 43m high, the hill is located 7km from Hue centre, with its foot lying next to slowly flowing Perfume River. On the way to Tu Duc Tomb, there’s a hill called Vong Canh, which at first seems to be quite normal amongst other famous sightseeing spots of Hue. However, tourists shouldn’t miss this spot, for it has been regarded as the best place to catch a panoramic view of the Perfume River. This can easily be seen from its name: “Vong” means watch, observe; “Canh” means scene.

Vong Canh Hill Hue History

Vong Canh Hill Hue used to be a stopover for the resting and sightseeing of the Nguyen Dynasty emperors. Surrounding the hill is the system of Royal tombs of the Nguyen Dynasty such as Dong Khanh mausoleumTu Duc TombThieu Tri Mausoleum, Xuong Tho mausoleum, Thanh Cung mausoleum, etc. Through many up and down of history, nowadays, It is still an impressive attraction for a lot of visitors to explore the history of the famous Vong Canh Hill.

What To See

This surrounding area is filled up with royal tombs of not only King Tu Duc but also Dong Khanh’s, Thieu Tri’s and several Queens’. Combined with that complex of royal monuments is Hon Chen Temple (a place that local people worship Y-A-Na Goddess and Lieu Hanh Goddess) on the opposite site, Vong Canh is an ideal place to picture an ancient but magnificent Hue.

Đồi Vọng Cảnh
Vong Canh Hill

Moreover, viewers are often seduced by the villages stretching along the river banks: Huong Ho, Hai Cat, Ngoc Ho, etc. with fruit gardens under the shades of pine trees, corn field, small boats sliently skimming and then drawing several lines on the tranquil water surface. From sunrise to sunset, the soft-silk-strip Perfume River charms bystanders by the atmosphere that it brings to the life surrounding. Vong Canh Hill overlooks the marvelous and elaborate modifications of the water colors upon various nuances of sunlight and sky.

The hill itself is now covered with pine trees and daisy. Once, there was a purpose-built watching tower on the top of the hill, though only parts of its foundation remain until today. Besides, Water plant Van Nien – which is the oldest in Central Vietnam and an Oriental-styled building designed by a French architecture, just 300m from Vong Canh, is also worth a visit.

It’s recommended that when coming to Vong Canh, just follow the indication: watch the scene! It may have nothing to be entertaining but for ones who are looking for natural beauty and calmness, that’s perfect enough.

What makes Vong Canh Hills attractive?

From here, visitors can enjoy the green orchards of areca, longan, oranges, tangerines, pomelo… mixed in the pine sequence, gray tile roofs of temples, ancient mausoleums. In particular, visitors will admire the poetic beauty of the Perfume River around the bottom of the hill – a symbol of Hue nature.

How To Get There

This site should be combined on a trip to nearby tombs and pagodas. Suggested vehicles include: motorbike, bike and car.

To fully explore all the natural beauty of sightseeing places in Hue, you should book the Hue Private Car. If you would like to explore the Imperial Citadel; Minh Mang Tomb, Khai Dinh Tomb; Thien Mu pagoda, you must book our Hue City Tour 1 Day. Book the tour and enjoy your wonderful day!


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